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April 14, 2013
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Official Title: Princess of the Sand Sea
Other Titles / Aliases:  The Scarab Princess, [Small] Siti, Sheshe, Your Highness
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Birthday: July 13th

Hair: Dark Brown - Almost Black
Eyes: Black with Tealish Tint
Skin: Golden Tan
Height: 4 foot 6
Weight: Light
Blood: Gold | O+
Physical Description: [Eshe] Has four arms, each with a hand with three Phalanges. She has long, hind-like legs that reach down into three-toed hand-like feet. While also having two Antennae, she has a set of mandibles of her mouth, along with two other sets of maxillae. On her back, she has a close-set of wings that have a wingspan of twelve feet when fully extended [this is from tip to tip of wing to wing]. She has a slim frame, instead of stout, for her short height.

Race/Species: Scarabian
Language: Scaran
Religion: Polytheism

Parents/Guardians: Pharaoh Dakarai [Father - Deceased] & Queen Chione [Mother - Missing ] | Her Champerones and Advisors Ata & Atsu
Siblings: None [Does not Count the Stillborn Children of the Pharaoh and Queen]
Friends: Badru [Servant and Friend from Childhood], Bast [Her Pet]
Allies: The Royal Guard, The People of the Sand Sea
Enemies: Dustrum Pirates | The Sandollar Revolution

Career: Governing
Affinity/Alignment: Lawful Good
Hobbies: Reading, Riding, Sun-Bathing, Cooking, Gardening, Taking long Walks
Likes: Books, Knowledge, Helping, Assisting, Baking and Cooking, her People, the Sun [Though she can't often go into it], the cool summer Nights, the smell of Sand and Paper, Being Outside
Dislikes: Being kept in her room, Being told she can't do what she loves, Bad Folk [Like the Dustrum Pirates], Fire, her Heritage, inability to Help, not being able to assist her people, being locked up
Fears: Dying, Being Trapped, Being Burned, Pain, Poison, The Dark
Strengths: Archery, Staff Defense, Blood Bending [Magic: Blood Bending; The Ability to Harden and Manipulate her Blood, due to the Gold Properties and Magic gift /of/ having such blood.]
Weaknesses: Extended Periods in the Sun, Fire, Most Close Range Fighting


Eshe was born sick to Pharaoh Dakarai and Queen Chione, their only child after many miscarriages and still-borns. She had a strange allergy to sunlight and became exhausted after a certain period of physical excertion. The Pharaoh's medical advisors kept close watch over her for a long period of time, before they began to notice that the young Princess had never bled, even from scratches she got from playing. Studying one scratch, they noticed that the tissue was strong yellow, and that, when she eventually did bleed from a deep cut she got from picking up a broken plate, the color of her blood was gold! Revealing this to the Pharaoh, he announced that it be reknown that his only child was a gift from the Gods for having such blood.

Unfortunately, the news spread too fast and too out-of-control, as long-living enemies of the Crown-- the Dustrum Pirates, who were once-a-time long-ago slaves of the Scarabians--and the group revolted, raging to the palace and attempting to burn it to the ground. Eshe was saved by the Royal Guard and her father's-- and to-be-her's --advisors, Ata and Atsu. Her parents, however, were not so lucky, as her father was cut through the chest and left to burn, and her mother was never found, presumably taken by the Pirates.
After the Guard fought back the Pirates and order was restored after a few years of rebuilding the palace and city, Ata and Atsu-- who'd taken over [ as next-in-line, being cousins to the Late Pharaoh] and hidden Eshe away-- named the young princess the true heir to the throne, though they kept the knowledge within the trusted care of the Nobles, leaving the People to believe another noble's daughter ["Another Cousin"] had been taken to inherit the Crown.

Eshe grew up from ages four to seventeen in the care of her twin Chaperones, using her close friend Badru and her pet Bast to ease the pain of being parentless. She grew to love her people and often sneak down to help in the marketplace with the Alias "Siti". She became well educated by the expanse of knowledge found in and brought to her kingdom. She studied all the subjects she could find. Becoming Patient and Humble, she also became a bit angry at her heritage, for she wanted to be active and not trapped in the palace.

The young Princess also began to hate her blood, because some people-- a group who called themselves the Sandollar Revolution-- refused to believe the golden-blood girl had died, and began to riot, demanding that the girl be taken and sold for all her blood, to help the poor of the kingdom. Eshe blames herself for not being about to help the poor who riddle the streets, even as it is Ata and Atsu who advise against assisting those people ["The  Gods cannot bless everyone, Your Highness."].
Royal or not, Eshe longs to travel and disguise herself so that she may be free of her golden prison inside the palace walls. Unfortunately, her wish may be her downfall, as the Sandollar Revolution and the Dustrum Pirates take to a treaty in order to end her Great-Great-Great Grandfather's Dynasty...
There ya go!
Eshe's full Biography!
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