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February 17, 2014
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.: Grounded Valkyrie :. by CandleGlass .: Grounded Valkyrie :. by CandleGlass
Rapunzel Rojyale
Nickname(s): Goldilocks

Age: Appears Roughly 20 | 2,500 Years Old [Youngest Living
Gender: Female
Height: 5'1
Build: Stocky, Curvy, Small
Species: Half-Blood Valkyrie
Nationality: Germaic Gaelic
Known Language(s): German, English, Nordic

Hair/Style: Long, Soft Blonde Locks in A Braid
Eyecolor: Soft Dark Blue
Skintone: Pale Peach
Body Mods [Tattoos, Piercings]: None
Scars: A Few Small Ones

Orientation: Hetero
Status: Single | Interested in Someone
Occupation: Sellsword, Part of the Triad called The Blades |
Swordsmith and Shopkeep | Princess of Valhalla of the Planet Oceanus
Family: Adopted Mother, Baba Okka [An Orge Woman] | Blood-
Bound Sisters, Gail the Griffin and Karliah the Black Dog | The Valkyrie
Royals: King Oydriun, Princes Hawthorne and Linden, and Princesses
Betony, Bryony, Cassia, and Rosemary
Residence: The Black Hut -- A Roadside Inn & Tavern with its own
Personal Smithery

Personality: Sharp as a Pin if a bit Naturally Dense, Strong-Headed,
Stubborn, Chill, Can be Aggressive, Tends to forget her Strength, Born-
Warrior Type, Sort-Of Tamed, Altogether Very "Human" | Rowdy, but Can
Control Herself, Has a Very Caring Side that She Hides, Hard-Working and
Likes: Honorable Combat, Showing off Her Skills, Training/Honing
her Skills, Makes Weaponry and Armor, Wide Open Spaces, Battle |
Wrestling, Crafting, Doing Good, Taking Summer Nps, Being Warm, Riding
Horses, Playing Chess
Dislikes: Sitting Still, Doing Nothing for long Periods of Time, Staying in
one Place for Too Long, Being "Settled", The Idea of Marriage | Household
Activities, Domestic Life, Thunderstorms, Losing Friends or People She Loves
Fears/Phobias: Dying without a Purpose, Being Forgotten
Hobbies: Smithing, Training, Being a Sellsword, Helping Baba Okka,
Protecting the Weak, Reading War History, Adventuring

Power(s): Power Strikes
Physical Abilities: Superhuman Abilities [Strength, Sight, Endurance,
Agility, Etc.]
Weapon(s): Double Sided BattleAxe named Fjorn
Misc: Has an Understanding of Herbal Remedies and Alchemy.
Trained in all forms of Weaponry [Doesn't make her the Best at any of them],
but a Natural with an Axe.

*Rapunzel will often go Adventuring with the Caravan, and can often found being Employed in Mama G's Services.
*She has a Second home at the Blade's Hideout, where Gail and Karliah live.
*Although he's often very Stand-Offish, Rapunzel finds herself often Drawn to the Rambit, Saigon [[ (c) Oeus]].
*Rapunzel, being a Half-Blood Valkyrie, doesn't have the Thrice-Set Wings that her Siblings do.
*Rapunzel doesn't even want to be a part of the Valhallan Royals -- Though, that's a hard point to argue when The King wants to give her the Throne.
*Her Siblings all don't favor her, and some will even go as far as to Kill her for the Throne -- except for Hawthorne, who is willing to Protect her.
*Rapunzel doesn't often wear her armor out, but her Weapon and Armor are both enchanted to fly to her whenever she needs them.
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